Warehouse Management

At Sonax Sourcing Solutions, we can provide skilled and trained resources to manage or optimise your warehouse while implementing best operating practices in receiving, assurance, binning, issuing, housekeeping and stock counting.

A successful warehouse operation gives you control over your stock and the ability to know exactly what items you have on hand.

We can manage your physical inventory holding with detailed replenishment programs to ensure optimum stock levels and stock availability to meet your requirements.

Services Include

  • Warehouse design and layouts
  • Best Practice audits, recommendations and implementations
  • Resourcing the warehouse with skilled resources
  • Performing all warehouse management functions 

Benefits Include

  • Optimal design in warehouse functions
  • Proper physical inventory management
  • Best Practices in warehouse housekeeping
  • Prevention of stock losses
  • Visibility of critical items that needs to be stocked in case of breakdowns
  • Ability to provide inputs into replenishment of inventory thus allowing for correct purchases to be made in advance before it becomes critical