Logistics & Transport Management

Sonax Sourcing Solutions understands the impact the inbound supply chain can have on the competitiveness of a client's operation. We specialise in the design and implementation of proactive logistics solutions to effectively provide continuous management of your inbound supply chain. Load consolidation into full container or truckloads is one of the value added services that we can offer clients.

Sonax Sourcing Solutions has first-hand experience in overcoming the logistical difficulties associated with remote sites and has extensive knowledge of statutory and transport regulations throughout Africa and internationally. We are experienced at moving abnormal loads sourced worldwide to any destination in Africa.

By outsourcing your inbound logistics to Sonax Sourcing Solutions, we will ensure:

  • Cost control, containment and reduction
  • Control of supply lead time
  • Continuous commitment to supply chain improvement
  • A professional, hassle-free service

Services Include

  • Building of full container loads to minimise freight costs
  • Optimising cost freight ratios 
  • Day-to-day logistics management from point of loading to site
  • Preparation of export documentation according to country specific requirements
  • Facilitation of export inspection requirements per country

Benefits Include

  • Preferred rates with shipping agents, air freight operators and road transporters
  • Relationship management with our preferred suppliers to ensure flexibility in our planning
  • Ensuring our customers are continuously informed with their own online tracking accounts