Inventory Management

At Sonax Sourcing Solutions, we provide skilled and trained resources to optimise inventory holding by implementing best practices and planning technology in inventory management. 

We identify all the relevant replenishment triggers per stock keeping unit to ensure the correct inventory levels to improve inventory availability, reduce obsolescence and surplus inventory. 

Optimised inventory impacts procurement and warehousing decisions and is an integrated function to optimise the full inbound supply chain. 

Services Include

  • Inventory level settings
  • Identification of replenishment triggers per stock keeping unit
  • Management of surplus, dormant and obsolete inventory
  • Implementation of best practices
  • Implementation of supporting inventory optimisation technology 

Benefits Include

  • Reduce investment in Inventory
  • Improve availability
  • Prevention of out of stock situations
  • Reduce value of surplus, obsolete and dormant inventory
  • Best Practices in Inventory management as input into procurement and warehouse management practices